Having a US iTunes account gives you access to all content that is available in the US iTunes Store. This includes all Music, Movies, TV Series, eBooks, Audio Books, iPhone Applications, iPod Applications and iPad applications. There are a lot of free applications that are only available in the US iTunes Store. This is why you want a US iTunes Account.


1. Open iTunes on your PC. If you already have an account, sign out. (You will have to create a new account).

2. Click on “‘iTunes Store”

3. On the extreme bottom right hand side of the iTunes screen click on the flag. Change it to the US Flag

4. Click on “Apps Store” on the top navigation bar.

5. Scroll down to “Free Apps” on the right hand side and attempt to download any application by clicking “FREE”. It is very important that your select a free app!

6. A pop-up menu will now appear. Click on “Create New Account”

7. On the next screen click “Continue”

8. On the next screen agree to the terms and conditions by ticking the box and clicking “Agree”

9. On the next screen:

  • Enter in your email address. (If you already have a non-US iTunes account, use a different email adress).

  • Create a password

  • Create a security question

  • Enter your date of birth

  • Click "Continue"

10. On the payment page select “NONE” for payment type.

11. Fill in your billing address. You need to enter a US address at this point. Please note that the iTunes system checks to see that the Zip code is correct for the address you gave. You can go to http://www.fakenamegenerator.com/ to generate an American name, address and phone number. Once done click on “Create Apple ID”

12. Go to your email address that you have registered your account with, and open up the automated email you should have received from Apple. Click on “Verify”

13. Verify your account with your email address and password.

14. The App Store will automatically open up and you will once again have to verify your Apple ID and password. Click “Sign In”

15. You now have an US iTunes Account! Now you can buy the best apps, games, music, movies and TV shows. To buy these credits you need to credit your iTunes accounts with iTunes vouchers.

To buy iTunes vouchers click HERE:

16. Once you have received your voucher codes via email, click on “redeem” under “Apple store quick links”

17. On the next screen insert your code (copy and paste) and click “Redeem”

18. Click “Done” and you will now have credit in your account. You can now download the app of your choice!